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How to have a happy marriage. Women’s 10x payback ability explained.

I wanted to share something that I have come across, criticism is open, please feel free to share your thoughts.

Women’s 10x payback ability.

Women have an ability I want to call “The 10x payback ability”.

It is clearly obvious that man has more physical power due to his hormones and muscle mass. Therefore we conclude that men are physically stronger than women.

But! we are missing a very important attribute that women have and men don’t.

Women are created with massive emotional weight on their shoulders, giving birth to children is an obvious proof.

I couldn’t help but notice that women are concerned about love, relationships and the way they are being treated – more than men.

If you want your woman to treat you well, all you have to do is show her an act of love and kindness, and in turn she will pay you back 10 fold.

If you are having a bad relationship with your wife, it is all YOUR fault!

You have not been giving her that one act of kindness for her to repay you.

Now I am not saying that all women are the same, but I believe that my theory applies to the majority of women.

Try this out, go to your partner and do her an act of love or kindness, and watch how she behaves.

It is very simple!

Just like how men have an advantage regarding muscle mass and physical power, women have more emotional capacity, men forget good deeds quickly but women don’t.

Experiment with this truth, and I pray to all who are reading now to have a beautiful and prosperous love life.

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Thought rec #2

In order to succeed in this world, man does not have any other choice but to be a part of the madness and chaos which this world is in.

I thank you god for all the blessings that you have given me, I have failed to appreciate your love, please give me the strength to see your face in all my endeavours, please give me the power to believe that everything that happens to me is your choice and wisdom, you know and I don’t know.

The main attributes of the successful.

I couldn’t help but notice that the majority of successful people are selfless.

They work for others, they praise others, they glorify others, but never themselves.

Also they have a unique quality of serving others, we have an Arabic saying that goes like this; “sayidul qowmi khadimahom”. It translates to, “The Master of the tribe is their servant”.

When your capacity to give increases, so does your capacity to get, if you want to become successful or powerful, all you have to do is to increase your capacity to give.

We were not brought to life for no reason, as Rumi says; whoever has brought me here shall take me back.

Our purpose is to serve.

Choose any successful man or woman in your mind and ask yourself this; did this person serve others in some way? You will discover that they have helped change the lives of many to the better.

Now you know why you are not successful?

Life is a moving train, instead of being idle, take up a cause, fight for someone, help others. There are almost 7 billion people on this planet, can’t you create something that helps at least 1 million? You know you can do it. Now move.

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How to find the right partner? How to know if you should marry or not? How to know whether your partner is the “one” or not?

A good friend of mine once told me “Avoid making things too complicated when it comes to choosing the right partner, there are only three things that you need to put into consideration.

1) S/he must not be neither so good looking than you, nor so lesser good looking than you.

2) S/he must not be financially a lot more capable than you, nor financially a lot more weaker than you.

3) S/he must not be too smarter than you, nor too dumber than you.

If you want to know whether s/he is the one, ask yourself this;

Can you live without your partner?

If you answered yes, then that person is not the one.

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How to have a good relationship/marriage, should you stay with your spouse or leave?

People’s hearts are in your hands.

Let me repeat that again, People’s hearts are in your hands. Even a tyrant can be made soft with the power of love.


Every achievement in life requires a minimal amount of effort. For instance, if you want to buy a new car, you have to go all the way to the showroom, do the effort of choosing your car, do your accounting, register the car, etc etc. you can not get anything without putting at least some effort.

“Shifting your paradigm” requires some effort. Change the way you look at your partner and you will start to see things that you haven’t seen before.

Your wife’s/husband’s heart is in your hands. It only takes a little effort from you to understand your partner, to cherish, to listen to, and to take good care of.

I know that in some relationships it is impossible, and no matter how much effort you put, they don’t change. Of course the love should be both sided, but don’t give up on your partner easily. You might be having a bad time and you are ignoring the good things about him/her.

Try this experiment so that you can understand what “People’s hearts are in your hands” means. Go to someone whom you really dislike, do to him/her and act of sincere kindness, you will notice that his/her attitude towards you will change completely. That is the golden rule, to treat people like you want to be treated and in return they will treat you back in the same manner.

All the best.

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Why is it important to become great/successful. Immortality explained. How to become immortal.

Some people wonder, why should I become great? Why should I be ambitious?

The answer:

If you die while no one knows who you are, or if you die with no accomplishments to your name, then no one will speak or think about you after your death. You will live in the minds of your children and sometimes in the minds of your grandchildren as well, but as soon as your grandchildren die there will not be any one who thinks or speaks about you anymore.

Immortality explained

You are energy. When you work hard and achieve greatness and recognition, the whole world  will speak and think about you, therefore keeping you alive in themselves, you continue living through them.

You become immortal.

Do you think that Muhamed, Einstein, Jesus et al, are dead? …. Think again.


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How to fall asleep in less than 10 minutes. Having trouble sleeping? How to fall asleep fast.

One of the things that used to deprive me of sleeping whenever I wanted to was my habit of excessive thinking. The truth is that the majority of people can not sleep as soon they close their eyes because they think too much. Correct?

When I read The Power Of Now by Eckhart TolleI came to the realization of the fundamental truth which he talks about, he says that if we stop for a second and analyze our thoughts, we will realize that the majority of the thoughts in our heads are useless, unproductive and completely silly. They are thoughts which in reality do not concern us at all. It is not what YOU want to think. Stop once in a while and observe your thoughts, ask yourself, does this really matter to me? It does not. As your mind becomes trained to think whenever YOU want it to think, you will find that your life transforms, you become more healthy, your relationships are better, your goals are easily met, you are less likely to lose your temper, you can sleep at will, and countless other benefits.

So when its sleeping time just let go. Try to relax your body from any tension and turn your mind blank. Realize that now its sleeping time and nothing else.

The whole point:

Sleeping at will is a matter of mind-set.

Hope this was helpful.

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What is the best religion in the world?

The best religion is this:

Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t do to yourself.

That’s the best religion, as simple as that.

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Why video piracy is NOT a crime, why film companies should stop removing their movies from streaming websites.


It is true that for every copied CD there is a loss for the film company, (That is what everyone believes) but if you have a little background in Economics and Marketing, you will find that pirated films are actually beneficial to the film companies.

But how is that?

You see the main method by which a movie becomes famous is by word of mouth, isn’t it? The majority of people watch a certain movie because some other guy has told him/her that the movie was nice. If people are restricted by expensive original DVDs, then the viewers will be minimum, but if the movies are cheap and affordable/available/within the reach of many people, then the size of the market/viewers will be greater. (Film industry becomes larger)

Here the more people who watch movies the more spreading of word of mouth – the larger the audience/customer base, which inevitably leads to a larger number of people who will buy original DVDs (due to the popularity of watching movies and due to the huge size of the industry’s audience)

What is better? Having 100 people buying pirated discs and 10 people buying original discs OR 1000 people buying pirated discs and 100 people buying original discs? You see the point?

My message to film companies:

You might think that you are doing the right thing by stopping people from copying your material but in reality you are loosing money! So stop worrying too much and put all your movies on youtube so I can watch them for free god damn it! 😀

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How to be a good presenter? What makes a good teacher? What makes a class interesting?

It is undeniable that the majority of the classes that we attend to, tend to be boring.

So what makes a class interesting to attend to?

The most challenging issue in teaching is when the teacher talks and talks and talks until the time is up, the teacher must make sure that s/he allows participation and allows the students to have their say in the lessons. It is human’s nature that they feel important when they give their opinion and inturn you approve of it. Be agreeable, even when the student gives a wrong answer to your question, reply positively and encourage more participation.

Keep the class as active as possible. “People forget what you say, but they remember how you made them feel”. ~ Maya Angelou. So try to make the students feel good about themselves as much as you can.

Keep eye contact directed to all of the students.

Tell stories.

Stories attract attention, who doesn’t like a good old story that teaches us lessons that can not be explained directly.

Create activities, always allow the students to interact with each other, even if you have to provide them with silly activities, it will still make them feel good, and more attentive to you, because you made them feel good attending to your class. After building interest in your group, you will be shocked to see how much effort they put by themselves to attend and listen to you!

Don’t be too serious with your course material, your true priority should be to have a group of interested students. What’s the point of covering the material if the students didn’t learn anything?

Love your students as much as you can. Personally I wouldn’t forget a teacher who once made me feel good.

Talking about presentations.

If you are not a teacher but you just want to present something to a group, by best advice to you is to prepare and rehearse your presentation, try to present to your family or friends and take note of their opinions.

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