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Thought rec #10

Set your goal and work towards achieving it. As you go; visualize all the things that you need to do in order to achieve your goal. REMEMBER THAT THOSE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND THE “CAN’T DO BECAUSE” is all bunch of bullsh** in your head, and in order to eliminate those negative thoughts you need to reason with your head as to why those negative thoughts aren’t true. 99.9% of the time those negative thoughts indeed aren’t true. The more you reason with yourself as to why those negative “can’t do because” thoughts are not true, the more you stop having those negative thoughts and then you see yourself naturally getting closer and closer to your goal.

That’s why they say success is an attitude.

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What makes a winner? Is it luck?

So we received an email from one of our colleagues at the Bapco Toast Masters Club, asking us to share our thoughts to the question; what makes a winner? Is it luck?

I got fired up for some reason and I thought of contributing to this question since I’m a student of self development. I thought of sharing this with you too since I haven’t written anything in a long time so I hope you enjoy and benefit as well.

Below was my reply.


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Does being healthy really matter? 

This is not a post about telling you to exercise and become vegetarian or you will be doomed to an early death, and this article is definitely not about making you feel bad for your unhealthy habits, but rather, I want to share with you something fundamental that I have come across, that might help you live a better, successful life. Here’s a very simple yet powerful analogy of what goes on in your body.

Why be healthy?

Imagine that your body consists of a population of tiny living beings, societies that work, produce, consume and live. Imagine that these little people that are living in your body, their environment, resources, production, all depend on how much YOU give them. Imagine you being the God of your body, or a governor.

Now, when you eat healthy, exercise and take care of your body, these little people have the resources they need, their weather is good, they have money, they are happy, they work, produce, live happily ever after, and are super productive pumping positivity in your brain and giving you the strength to go after your goals and stay focused.

When you are not healthy on the other hand, your little people are angry at you, because you are feeding them with bad resources, they need to work extra to get rid of the shit that you feed them, their weather becomes bad with storms and tornadoes, they are not happy, not productive, some of them are homeless, some of them get too pissed off at you that they start protesting against you and giving you cancer.

Your body is exactly similar to this analogy, you have little people in you that are depending on the things that you provide them.

If you want to be successful, productive, focused, emotionally stable, you have better chances if the little people inside of your body are happy, if you piss them off they will return the favour to you.

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That absolute confidence that I have.

That absolute confidence that I have, when I look at a bird, a cat, a dog, I know that I am a lot more intelligent than them and I observe with confidence how simple they are and how simple they think.

That absolute confidence that I have that there is someone looking at me and thinking the same thing.

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Thought rec #7

Our minds are not yet advanced to fully understand the secrets of our creation. Although we marvel at our advancement and our technology, yet I do not see the human race ever answering the question of singularity (who created us?). Atleast not yet.

Thought rec #6

If there exist beings that are more intelligent than us, beings whom we cannot see with the naked eye nor can we comprehend their strength. If they exist, there is no possible way that we can overpower them. Can an ant overpower a human? It can not.

My words are not for now.
My words are for humans in hundreds or thousands of years to come. For today these words are madness, but then; these words are intelligence.

Hard Work vs Smart Work

I have personally come across a lot of people who believe that only hard work can make you successful, hard work IS necessary but it is not the only factor that makes you successful. For instance; if a person collects metal cans from the streets, everyday collecting cans from 4am to 9pm and sells the cans for an amount… does he become a millionaire? Impossible. But what if he creates a system where people from all over the country throw cans in his boxes and he has trucks that collect those cans once a day for him… you get my point? Therefore it is not only hardwork that pays off, it is smart work that pays more.
Another example.

A man collects his hard earned cash for more than 20 years to buy a small house that costs $ 100,000 he spent a lot of hard work and a lot of time to purchase that house whereas another man goes to the bank gets a loan of $ 100,000 buys the house and sells it at the same time for $ 150,000 to a buyer, pays of his loan and leaves with a $ 50,000 profit.

In this example, what pays off more? Hard work or smart work?

There are tons of opportunities out there for us to work smart.

God bless.

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