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Thought rec #10

Set your goal and work towards achieving it. As you go; visualize all the things that you need to do in order to achieve your goal. REMEMBER THAT THOSE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND THE “CAN’T DO BECAUSE” is all bunch of bullsh** in your head, and in order to eliminate those negative thoughts you need to reason with your head as to why those negative thoughts aren’t true. 99.9% of the time those negative thoughts indeed aren’t true. The more you reason with yourself as to why those negative “can’t do because” thoughts are not true, the more you stop having those negative thoughts and then you see yourself naturally getting closer and closer to your goal.

That’s why they say success is an attitude.

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What makes a winner? Is it luck?

So we received an email from one of our colleagues at the Bapco Toast Masters Club, asking us to share our thoughts to the question; what makes a winner? Is it luck?

I got fired up for some reason and I thought of contributing to this question since I’m a student of self development. I thought of sharing this with you too since I haven’t written anything in a long time so I hope you enjoy and benefit as well.

Below was my reply.


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Does being healthy really matter? 

This is not a post about telling you to exercise and become vegetarian or you will be doomed to an early death, and this article is definitely not about making you feel bad for your unhealthy habits, but rather, I want to share with you something fundamental that I have come across, that might help you live a better, successful life. Here’s a very simple yet powerful analogy of what goes on in your body.

Why be healthy?

Imagine that your body consists of a population of tiny living beings, societies that work, produce, consume and live. Imagine that these little people that are living in your body, their environment, resources, production, all depend on how much YOU give them. Imagine you being the God of your body, or a governor.

Now, when you eat healthy, exercise and take care of your body, these little people have the resources they need, their weather is good, they have money, they are happy, they work, produce, live happily ever after, and are super productive pumping positivity in your brain and giving you the strength to go after your goals and stay focused.

When you are not healthy on the other hand, your little people are angry at you, because you are feeding them with bad resources, they need to work extra to get rid of the shit that you feed them, their weather becomes bad with storms and tornadoes, they are not happy, not productive, some of them are homeless, some of them get too pissed off at you that they start protesting against you and giving you cancer.

Your body is exactly similar to this analogy, you have little people in you that are depending on the things that you provide them.

If you want to be successful, productive, focused, emotionally stable, you have better chances if the little people inside of your body are happy, if you piss them off they will return the favour to you.

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That absolute confidence that I have.

That absolute confidence that I have, when I look at a bird, a cat, a dog, I know that I am a lot more intelligent than them and I observe with confidence how simple they are and how simple they think.

That absolute confidence that I have that there is someone looking at me and thinking the same thing.

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Thought rec #7

Our minds are not yet advanced to fully understand the secrets of our creation. Although we marvel at our advancement and our technology, yet I do not see the human race ever answering the question of singularity (who created us?). Atleast not yet.

Thought rec #6

If there exist beings that are more intelligent than us, beings whom we cannot see with the naked eye nor can we comprehend their strength. If they exist, there is no possible way that we can overpower them. Can an ant overpower a human? It can not.

My words are not for now.
My words are for humans in hundreds or thousands of years to come. For today these words are madness, but then; these words are intelligence.

Hard Work vs Smart Work

I have personally come across a lot of people who believe that only hard work can make you successful, hard work IS necessary but it is not the only factor that makes you successful. For instance; if a person collects metal cans from the streets, everyday collecting cans from 4am to 9pm and sells the cans for an amount… does he become a millionaire? Impossible. But what if he creates a system where people from all over the country throw cans in his boxes and he has trucks that collect those cans once a day for him… you get my point? Therefore it is not only hardwork that pays off, it is smart work that pays more.
Another example.

A man collects his hard earned cash for more than 20 years to buy a small house that costs $ 100,000 he spent a lot of hard work and a lot of time to purchase that house whereas another man goes to the bank gets a loan of $ 100,000 buys the house and sells it at the same time for $ 150,000 to a buyer, pays of his loan and leaves with a $ 50,000 profit.

In this example, what pays off more? Hard work or smart work?

There are tons of opportunities out there for us to work smart.

God bless.

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Thought rec #5

We have been created in such unfathomable complexity, but yet with unbelievable stupidity.

Science is never absolute.

Thoughts not words, transfer from mind to mind, the question is; when two minds interact, does the thought initiate from one to another or do the thoughts spawn from an external source other than the two interacting minds. If the thoughts are created and spawned from one of the two interacting minds, then we humans are creators, but if the thoughts spawn from an external source, then our minds are being controlled by a superior being.

Why should I study Business?

Every person who is trying to make money, has to know the fundamentals of business.

Are you thinking of studying Business? And you are wondering whether it is the right path?

First you have to know that your studies must be aligned with your goals, I can not emphasize how important this is. So let us say that your dream is to be an engineer, therefore you study engineering. If your dream is to become a doctor, then you study Medicine. Don’t take up a course just for the sake of having a degree. But allow the degree to bring you closer to your dream.

So my first recommendation to you is this;

If you want to study a subject, first align it with your dream.

If you find your Element, that will save you a lot of hard work. There are many people who have completed their degree, started working, and have discovered that their current field is not where their heart lies.

Discovering what you are good at is essential because you will do what you are passionate about which in turn makes your success inevitable.

Studying a BS in Business will give you the opportunity to learn how a company operates, what are the necessary cogs in its wheels, you will learn the basics of Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance. You will basically learn how to run a company, organization or an institution.

My recommendation for you is that you approach your studies from a perspective of an Entrepreneur, and not from a perspective of an employee, you wanna know why? Read my post about Job vs Self Employment here.

Bear in mind that you do not necessarily need to study Business to be able to run your own company, my personal opinion is that it all comes down to how serious you are about achieving your goal; sometimes by having a business chat with an Entrepreneur – you will learn in an hour what a university will teach you in a week. So it all comes down to your efforts.

Keep in mind that the field of Business studies is very interesting because it teaches you the fundamentals of running an organization. Every person who is trying to make money, has to know the fundamentals of business, whether you are an engineer, a doctor, a writer, you can not possibly make money without knowing how money works, therefore no matter what your profession is, or no matter what studies you undertake, you will always go back to studying business. Therefore, Business students have the opportunity to be surrounded my subjects that are mainly about “how to make money” but unfortunately, as soon as a Business student graduates, s/he falls in to corporate slavery. My personal opinion is that being self-employed is better than having a job.

Overall if you want to study Business, I am not against your decision, because like I said, as a Business student; you will have the opportunity to learn a lot about the business world and how people out there are making money but always remember, no matter what you have studied, no matter what Masters or PHDs you have acquired, you have to have the ambition and the will to reach to your goals so like I said earlier, it all comes down to your efforts. Even without a degree you can kick start the next Facebook from your garage.

How to become rich instantly.

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Job vs Self-employment, Which one is better?


Photo Courtesy of Fatima Alabassi

Are you wondering whether to study hard and stack your degrees or to “do your own thing”?

This question was ricocheting in my skull for years, and as time passes by; everyday; I come closer and closer to realizing that “doing your own thing” or running your own show is the best approach towards your long term financial goals.

Wait now I am not saying that having a job is not fulfilling, have an open mind, I will discuss the pros and cons of both paths so bear with me.

Having a job is commitment, serious commitment, you have to wake up every single working day and show up at your job, if you are young – just graduated from school – imagine that you have to go to school for the rest of your life AGAIN! When I was young I didn’t like to go to school, I was enjoying of course but my holidays where more enjoyable 🙂 what sucked about school was the fact that I had to wake up every single day and SHOW UP at school, so basically, it was the COMMITMENT that sucked. Although when I look back now I figure that school days where the best days of my life; but at that time when I was young; the commitment was not very pleasant. So being an adult while going to work you are doing the same thing, you are “showing up” at your job just to make a living, every single day you HAVE to wake up early morning and go to work. Is it a coincidence that adults’ working hours and children’s studying hours are the same amount?  I don’t think so, it is a system laid out for humans to create the perfect labourers.

If you had no problem going to school at all when you where a kid, then most probably you will be able to endure the hardships of going to work, so no worries for you.

Do not misunderstand by thinking that going to work is a difficult thing, as a matter of fact, some jobs are very rewarding, some companies pay handsomely, some companies recruit great people, and some companies are very flexible as long as you are doing what they require from you. I have worked in a company where it was similar to school days, this one time me and my colleague were playing soccer INSIDE the office where I kicked the ball and it landed on the Operations Manager’s Macbook while she was working and my colleague kicked the ball inside the General Manager’s Office. We were trolling them and laughin our asses. Yes sometimes you will find some companies that are really fun to be in but unfortunately most of the companies ARE NOT.

A very important thing you need to know about “jobs” as well is that company management are very strict, worse than “school strict” or “parents strict”, if you are late a couple of times, off you go – FIRED!

I have worked in 7 companies (part time and full time) and the majority of the companies they expect these things:

1) SHOW UP, thats the most important point, probably showing up is 90% of what the companies want from you. If you show up everyday and you are punctual, your chances of staying and not being kicked out is 90%

2) Finish your tasks within reasonable time

3) Show some loyalty

4) Listen to instructions

5) Don’t create problems

Thats probably it, you don’t need anything else to maintain your position, unless of course if the company no longer needs your services or if they have to shut down, then you will inevitably loose your job.

If you want to become super successful at your work and get promoted fast, you have to do the following:

1) Don’t just show up at work, be there 24/7 🙂 come to work at least 15 minutes early, stay till midnight if you have to

2) Do WHATEVER IT TAKES to profit the company

3) Think about work all the time, while you are driving, while you are shi**ng, while you are eating, while you are playing

4) Everything you hear and see, report it to your boss

5) Tell the truth 10 % of the time, give white lies 90 % of the time, do you know why Obama is so successful? He is one of the best liars you will ever see

6) Kiss the hell out of your boss’s ass

On the other hand, running your own business in my opinion is a lot better. People who work for themselves have a profound understanding of the mechanisms of PASSIVE INCOME, while the people who work in “jobs” deal with ACTIVE INCOME. Active income is an asshole who stares at your face every time you reach the end of the month waiting for your paycheck to be issued, while passive income is a good friend of yours who deposits money in your bank while you are asleep in your bed. If I can help you in anyway today my dear reader is that you do some research and understand the difference between active and passive income, I can not emphasize how important it is that you understand the difference, it will greatly help you succeed if you are aiming at financial liberty.

Why do I think having your own business is better? Well I will let you answer that question, what is better? Working 168 hours per month to get a wage of 3,000 $ or owning a small house that generates 3,000 $ of rent while you are doing nothing. Which one is better? 168 hours or 0 hours? You do the Math.

Of course you need capital to purchase the house for instance, if you are obliged to have a job, then do so by all means but do not keep it as your long term goal, unless if you are fully satisfied with your job and your are happy.

Happy! it’s a very important word in this arena, the majority of workers are not happy.

There is one very important message that I would like to hand over to you, doing what you are passionate about is a 1000 times more important than doing what others tell you to do.

By owning your own business you can:

1) Show up whenever you want

2) Make up as much money as you want, you set your own limits

3) Have plenty of time

4) You are the boss

5) Play by your own rules

And most importantly, do what you enjoy doing.

Thank you for taking the time and reading.

God Bless.

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