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Thought Rec #13

Spreading false information based on your illiterate and incompetent understanding of how the world works, is as dangerous as picking up a weapon and killing an innocent being.

Why critical analysis is important, why voting is just an illusion, and why you should keep your political opinion to yourself.

God has given you a mind to think with, prejudice has turned the majority of the world’s population to mediocre class. Mediocrity is truly the big elephant in the room. Instead of having a world where all humans are interrelated in their actions, thoughts and feelings, we have a competitive mode of thinking.

Whenever I reach to a conclusion regarding a subject matter, I should always ask myself this follow-up question; on what basis did I reach this conclusion? are these my own thoughts or someone else’s? sadly today’s youth, they imitate other people’s looks, clothes, styles, accents, and even their thoughts! the phrase “know thyself” is of significant importance. I can not know myself unless if I critically analyse myself. An example can be demonstrated with politics. In my country (The Kingdom of Bahrain) we are being overtaken by political turmoil and sectarianism. Politics is NOT a game of opinions, politics is a science, just like Math, Physics and Accounting. People are blindly becoming sectarian, without taking the effort to look at the cause of things they only look at the effect and let their prejudices do the rest of their thinking for them.

Politics like I said earlier, is a science.

In order to give your opinion in politics you should at least have some knowledge in Economics, Human Behaviour, Psychology, History and Religion.

You can not shoot bullets of blames at the leaders just because you saw an effect of something. A policeman was burnt to death = therefore “death to the rioters”, a rioter was killed in clashes = therefore “death to the policemen and death to the king!” (absolute non sense) On one occasion, one of my good friends whom I believe is educated and intelligent, told me that if one day he has kids, and his kids ask him, daddy what did you do when the rioting and the political instability was going on in Bahrain? He said that he can not reply to them by saying that he was neutral. Well, my response is that you are casting votes based on your prejudices and you are interfering with the people’s well-being without having sufficient knowledge. It’s like having a patient in a hospital who is suffering from heart failure, and just because you feel sorry for him, you shout out loud “I will cure him! let me operate on him!” cmon man, we all feel sorry and are grieving but we are not qualified!

If you truly feel that you want to help, then dedicate your life towards a goal that will qualify you to be helpful in that area. A goal that will make you knowledgeable in that field but please leave the baking for the baker, leave the heart surgery for the surgeon and leave politics for politicians.

Do not waste your life and do not step with your foot on the blessings that god has bestowed upon you.

Why voting is an illusion?

Voting is one of the biggest lies that the world has believed.

People are so happy that they can vote! They ignore the fact that normal people (majority of people) are NOT qualified to cast a vote! The majority of people vote for a specific person based on how big his election campaign was (how big his advertisement was) the majority of people do not have the ability or the qualifications to decide whether the candidate is good to lead us or not. Then why the future of our children is determined by people who are not qualified to do so. The system is truly flawed. Now I am not trying  to say that people should not have the right to vote, what does not make sense to me like I said earlier is that the majority of people do not know the science of politics, going back to the heart surgery example; Imagine that there is a huge heart that needs surgery the citizens decide which doctor should operate on the heart. You get it? the citizens do not know much about heart surgeries, so does the majority of the people in America or any other country in the world do know much about Politics, then why the hell is there a voting system??? obviously the guy with the best campaign will win, then, are elections like gambling?

Basically the citizens of the U.S.A are gambling every four years with their well-being and prosperity.

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