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Thought rec #2

In order to succeed in this world, man does not have any other choice but to be a part of the madness and chaos which this world is in.

I thank you god for all the blessings that you have given me, I have failed to appreciate your love, please give me the strength to see your face in all my endeavours, please give me the power to believe that everything that happens to me is your choice and wisdom, you know and I don’t know.

Thought rec #1

You moulde your reality by the way you observe things every moment, spontaneously.

There are forces in this world, for which an untrained mind can not comprehend.

Your past is not your reality, it’s your imagination, so is your future.

If you don’t have love in your heart, then don’t waste your time living.

A life without synchronicity is time wasted.

My eyes, they do not tell the whole truth.

Anyone with ENOUGH common sense will be successful.

Art is what a man sees and experiences, his art tells what he sees and what you see in his art is your art.

History is one of the wonders of the world; it flips, twists and squashes your mind and then it brings it back to normal, if you are lucky enough, your mind will not go back to normal.

Courage is the first attribute – that a man of dreams – should have.

Annihilate your fear, and you annihilate yourself.

Scarcity is one of the biggest lies the world has ever seen.