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Thought Rec #13

Spreading false information based on your illiterate and incompetent understanding of how the world works, is as dangerous as picking up a weapon and killing an innocent being.

Thought Rec #12

If your claims are not backed by statistical evidence, you should not bother yourself and waste people’s time.

Thought rec #11

The biggest problem in the modern world is that there are some people who think that they are experts in a subject matter, and they advocate, and try to spread awareness, while in reality their knowledge on that matter is mediocre. This does more harm than good.

Thought rec #9

When we see skyscrapers we get a feeling of progress and greatness. We see how tall and huge those buildings are. In reality, there is nothing to be proud about. Its like a cancer cell being proud of successfully taking over its host. To me, those skyscrapers are nothing but a wound on the surface of mother earth.

Thought rec #8

The day where we all sacrificed for strangers, is the day that humanity triumphed.

Thought rec #7

Our minds are not yet advanced to fully understand the secrets of our creation. Although we marvel at our advancement and our technology, yet I do not see the human race ever answering the question of singularity (who created us?). Atleast not yet.

Thought rec #6

If there exist beings that are more intelligent than us, beings whom we cannot see with the naked eye nor can we comprehend their strength. If they exist, there is no possible way that we can overpower them. Can an ant overpower a human? It can not.

My words are not for now.
My words are for humans in hundreds or thousands of years to come. For today these words are madness, but then; these words are intelligence.

Thought rec #5

We have been created in such unfathomable complexity, but yet with unbelievable stupidity.

Science is never absolute.

Thoughts not words, transfer from mind to mind, the question is; when two minds interact, does the thought initiate from one to another or do the thoughts spawn from an external source other than the two interacting minds. If the thoughts are created and spawned from one of the two interacting minds, then we humans are creators, but if the thoughts spawn from an external source, then our minds are being controlled by a superior being.

Thought rec #4

Every thought is real,

Every spelled word is real,

If it doesn’t exist in front of your eyes, it exists somewhere else.

Thought rec #3

As I become smarter, everyone around me becomes smarter.

No matter how many epiphanies god bestows upon me, I still feel inadequate, there is still something missing inside.