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Do Aliens exist? Are we the only living creatures in the Universe?

I cannot deny the fact that I have been pondering on the possibility of the existence of creatures – other than us in this universe – for a while now. I have seen tons of symbolic evidences but I haven’t yet shook hands with an alien.

To be honest, lets face it, the universe is so vast, we are a ball pen dot among the many planets and galaxies that exist in the universe and to think that we are the only ones is too selfish and egotistic. The church, or religious authorities might say BUT NO! THIS IS BLASPHEMY! Well in response I would say; to belittle god’s power by saying that we are the sole creation – can also be called blasphemy!

My theory that I want to share is this; There are creatures that are not only alien, but more intelligent. The difference between us and them is similar to the difference between an ant and a human. Us being the former, them the latter. Although all creatures have their own unique intelligence, here we measure intelligence by the category of destructive or manipulative power.

The chain of power amongst organisms is very obvious that even a child wouldn’t miss it. Does the ant know about the mechanisms of our weapons? Does the ant know how a man-made rocket launcher works? Of course it doesn’t  but obviously it knows that we humans exist, but it doesn’t know who we are, our anatomy, etc. I don’t think that this chain of power stops with humans, there has to be a stronger being, which has a stronger being, which has a stronger being.

But we don’t see them!! So of course they don’t exist!

That can be counter argued very easily. Have you heard about a snake’s vision? A snake doesn’t see the details of your face or body, it only sees an aura of heat. So imagine, a snake lives all it’s life thinking that you are some form of energy moving around, it has no idea about how you look. Similarly, we can not see those “super beings” but we can feel their existence, maybe “God’s weird sense of humor” (like some people like to call it) is because of them, who knows ya?

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Thought rec #4

Every thought is real,

Every spelled word is real,

If it doesn’t exist in front of your eyes, it exists somewhere else.

Thought rec #3

As I become smarter, everyone around me becomes smarter.

No matter how many epiphanies god bestows upon me, I still feel inadequate, there is still something missing inside.

All humans believe in god. Period. الأيمان بالله فطرة

Believing in god/a higher force is an instinct. Just like when a man knows that he needs to eat indefinitely, all humans know that there is a higher force for which they can not explain. For e.g If an atheist is on a plane and the plane is taking him on an enjoyable auto-pilot cruise, he will say wow! How scientists are amazing! As soon as the plane drops and is about to crash, he will call on god for help.

That my friend, is instinct.


P.S. This is not a message to atheists saying that you should convert, but this is rather a message to religious extremists to leave them alone.

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Why I stopped bullying and making fun of people.

A rule entered into my belief system that turned my life 180 degrees and changed the way I treat others.

What is that rule?

Don’t do to others that which you wouldn’t do to yourself.

You see life is interrelated and interdependent. Almost everything we do is mimicked, was it you who decided that wearing jeans is fine? Was it you who decided that hamburgers are delicious? Was it you who decided to learn to walk on your feet rather than walking on your hands?

Whats your point?

My point is that almost 99% of the things that we do are either predetermined or mimicked, so we don’t have the right to judge others.

If I laugh at someone who wears a funny shirt, someone in Africa can laugh at me for wearing clothes. As I point one finger there are three fingers pointing back at me.

Also belittling people is a sign of inferiority complex.

People who want to achieve great measures of success have no other option but to empower people so that those same people would empower them back.

There is no doubt that sometimes its ok to make fun and have a good laugh but not by belittling or dishonoring people.

If you have time to judge people, you don’t have time to love them. ~ Mother Theresa

There’s an Arabic proverb that goes something like this;

People have types, and being close minded is a disaster.

للناس اجناس و قلة العقل مصيبة.

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Thought rec #2

In order to succeed in this world, man does not have any other choice but to be a part of the madness and chaos which this world is in.

I thank you god for all the blessings that you have given me, I have failed to appreciate your love, please give me the strength to see your face in all my endeavours, please give me the power to believe that everything that happens to me is your choice and wisdom, you know and I don’t know.

How to find the right partner? How to know if you should marry or not? How to know whether your partner is the “one” or not?

A good friend of mine once told me “Avoid making things too complicated when it comes to choosing the right partner, there are only three things that you need to put into consideration.

1) S/he must not be neither so good looking than you, nor so lesser good looking than you.

2) S/he must not be financially a lot more capable than you, nor financially a lot more weaker than you.

3) S/he must not be too smarter than you, nor too dumber than you.

If you want to know whether s/he is the one, ask yourself this;

Can you live without your partner?

If you answered yes, then that person is not the one.

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Success defined. What makes a man successful. How to know whether you are successful or not.

Success is this:

A man’s success can be measured proportionately to how happy he is in life.

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Benefits of meditation, 10 reasons why you should meditate and enjoy a stress-free life.

Meditation helps you control your thoughts and silences those chaotic multiple voices in your head, which their sources are unknown. Napoleon Hill says: Thought control is the highest form of self control. If you have dreams and you want to achieve them, you better have thought control or you’ll end up finding yourself on an emotional roller coaster. Uncertainty is one of our greatest enemies, meditation kills it.

Meditation helps slow your heart rate, if combined with deep breathing, your body will relax, escape the tensions of our high-demanding-info-chaotic world, and rebalance/harmonize your cells.

Meditation helps in eliminating stress, a relaxed mind is always stess free.

Meditation helps you listen to your deepest concerns, and filters out those thoughts which bombard you but in reality they don’t concern you, in other words you know the difference between what really matters to you and what doesn’t.

Meditation helps you get closer to your inner voice, the voice of wisdom, the all knowing, infinite intelligence, god.

Meditation makes you trust your heart, and strengthens your instincts.

Meditation gives your life a purpose, gratitude and love for oneself.

Meditation helps you identify your ego.

If you have love in your heart sometimes you will find that you were born only to meditate and to do nothing else.

In the end, it depends on what you have in your heart when you meditate, if you want to achieve something specific, try meditating and imagining those things that you want. Einstein says: Your imagination is your preview of your life’s coming attractions.

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How to handle stressful situations? How to become stress free?

Do you often find yourself emotionaly upset when you hear or see something you don’t like or you don’t agree with?

Do you often find yourself on an emotional roller coaster?

For your info, there are people who rearly experience emotional stress and in the coming paragraphs we will learn how to be relaxed, have confidence, and enjoy a healthy and a balanced emotional life.

Please Note: What we are about to discuss are deep rooted stimuli, imagine the source of these stimuli are some false knots in your mind, we will now untie these knots that stimulate these outter emotions that you are experiencing, and replace these knots with the emotions of beauty and love. Therefore, ponder upon each rule before going to the next.

Rule number 1 (and the most important rule) It’s all in your head. 

Truly, men are not troubled by the problems they face, the way they LOOK at their problems.
It is very important that you elminate your fears. Neale Donald Walsche once said that FEAR is an abbreviation for; Feeling Excited And Ready.

Eliminate those realities which you do not like. You have the power. Just ask how to attain this power, and the answer will be shown to you.

Once I was lying down on a bed in a hotel room in Nepal, I was looking at the ceiling fan, and I noticed that the motion of the fan’s blades were clockwise. I thought to myself, I will make it move counter clockwise! And I could. I was able to see the fan rotate anti-clockwise and clockwise according to my will.

Now, if that is possible, so is the way you perceive the realities of your life, it is all in your head, you are the one creating the problem, not others.

So how do you shift from being a reactive person to being a proactive person? You are the one who can answer this question. Ask yourself some deep questions, what is it that upsets you in life? Is it because of YOU or is it because of something out of your control. Be true to yourself.

Whenever you are confronted by a stressful situation, say; is it really worth my calories? 🙂 it is that simple.

Love and respect yourself, being stressful is a crime against yourself. Gandhi says “There is nothing that wastes the body like worry, and one who has any faith in God should be ashamed to worry about anything whatsoever. “

Have love and gratitude.

I couldn’t help but notice that the people who are truly happy, they have immense gratitude for simple things.

Humans’ basic instict is compassion, so nobody is plotting anything against you, but rather, everybody is trying be as good as possible, just like you.

Love and so you will be loved. A man who has love in his heart, his road is illuminated.

Build bridges for yourself and others around you, maximize your and others’ potential, bring the good out, sow seeds of beauty and truth.

If you feel that the knots are still tight on your mind, research “Hollographic universe” or watch this video, it will give your mind a sort of a reboot, and then you will recognise and appreciate your dearest philosophies.

God bless

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