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Law Of Success # 3 The more you spend time doing something, the more you excel in doing it.

The first question is this; what do you want to become? If someone asks you who are you? What will be your answer?

Are you someone? Put your name in the blank and ask your self, who is ________?

If you do not have an answer, then you are wasting time.

You might want to become a great achiever, a successful entrepreneur, an investor, an inventor and so and so, and you might be thinking that you can not achieve it given your current status, but all I can say now is this;

The more time you spend doing something, the more Pro you become in doing it, i.e. you excel in that particular field.

Notice yourself, what do you do with your time everyday. there HAS to be something that you are doing on a daily basis. If you spend most of your time on social media platforms, then I can call you a social media Pro. You are a PROFESSIONAL social media platforms expert. You had no idea that you are. My family likes to call me a computer or technology expert, because I spend a significant amount of time on state of the art tech gadgets and etc. But do I view myself as a Pro like they do? No, because I know that there exists many other technology geeks that in front of them I will look puny, BUT! that doesn’t mean that I’m not good at it!

My point here is, that if you want to be something, then spend your time around that field.

If you want to be an inventor, spend your spare time watching DIY videos on YouTube, watch documentaries, check out new inventions, buy and read some books where you can apply some of what you are learning at home and have fun doing it.

I have a friend of mine who is fond of cars, engines, anything related to automotives. I can confidently say that if he is to work as an engine inventor or to work in any automotive related field, he will succeed and excel because he has spent a lot of his time educating himself about the subject.

Malcolm Gladwell, in his book “Outliers“, suggests that if you do something for 10,000 hours, then you are an expert in that field. That is the foundation of education. People who go to schools, they basically are spending their time being around a specific field, learning it, being around it all the time. so why don’t you spend your basic time being around the thing that you want to become.

You might be worried about your future, and you are seeing that you are currently under achieving, or you are not even achieving anything at all. Ask yourself what am I a Pro at? You have to be a Pro at something, you just don’t know it.

God bless.


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