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How to Ace an interview.

what is your weakness

First you need to understand your own weight.

Weigh yourself first and know yourself.

What is he talking about? Weigh yourself and know yourself? How is this relevant? How does this help me ace an interview?

Sadly, Very sadly, there are people out there who are brilliant, but have no idea how smart and capable they are. They set the walls for themselves, they believe that they are not worthy of a high income job, why? Because they have eluded themselves into thinking that they are not worthy enough. A classical example to this was my first hand experience: whenever I went to a job interview, I stuttered, I answered questions very poorly, maneuvering and thinking that this was what I was supposed to do in an interview. I was wrong, as I worked in many places and read a lot of books on self development, I came to realize that an individual’s potential is very vast, an inexperienced youngster can outperform a corporate veteran, how is that possible? Because the person who believes in himself and has a positive outward mental attitude, excels in his work and further gets brainstorms of ideas and has a lot of energy and never gets tired. Why? Because he believes in himself.

As I worked in many companies, I couldn’t help but notice that there are DUMB people who have better positions than me, why is that? Is it my fault? Yessss! Ofcourse its my fault, when I entered my job interview I had the desperate look on my face that said, “Please hire me! any job would do!” this way I was used, recruited and was given the minimal wage, although I had previous experience and plus a prestigious university degree to my name.

What did I do as time passed? I sat down and took a serious look in the mirror, I weighed myself, with all the experience I have had, with all the reading that I do, with all the people whom I have come across and learned a lot from, with all the above average ambition, I AM A LOT BETTER THAN WHO I THINK I AM, therefore I am the one who will decide his own wage. I was at home, jobless, I received a call from a recruiting agency, I had no idea how they got a hold of my CV until I realized that I have given them my CV years ago. they informed me that there is a vacancy for an HR manager, I thought to myself; hmm coool. They told me whats your expectation for your wage, I told them the double amount of my previous wage, and my attitude was; if you don’t like my offer, find someone else. But of course I was polite and professional at the same time but I had a clear vibe that this is what I’m asking for and I will not go for less. They had no idea that my previous wage was half the amount which I have demanded, but hey! it worked,

I was hired.

Why am I talking about this story in detail?

The thing that really made my mind go round n round was that, the recruiting agency whom I gave my C.V to, had no idea that I have gained experience in HR because the C.V which I handed to them was many years old, and as soon as I completed my HR specialist Course, they contacted me and they were looking for an HR Manager, based on that old CV which they have had, I was a hell lot under qualified for an HR role, therefore my conclusion is this, IT IS THE ENERGY THAT YOU EMIT AND SEND TO THE UNIVERSE that affects the circumstances in your life and manifests opportunities to you. Did you understand or are you lost? Remember when I said to weigh yourself? As soon as I completed my HR course I had more faith that now I am more capable, and I am more valuable, so I weighed my self differently as a man of greater value, this is the reason why the opportunity to work as an HR manager manifested.

But how do I weigh myself?

Look into yourself, what are you good at?

When you sit in an interview, talk to the person who is interviewing you as if that person is a random person whom you are meeting on a bus stop, and you want to have a nice short social conversation and speak about each other, if the person interviewing you was a random stranger who you met in a bus stop, how would you behave and interact with that person, ask the interviewer questions as if you are asking the stranger in the bus stop, how long have you been here? what have you studied? How is work here… as simple as that, you will be surprised that the person interviewing you is as simple as you, and is not a devil whose trying to make you talk about your sins. Be honest, Professionally honest at least, don’t say things like, ya well I hate being punctual, and you look ugly as shii***. Thats just silly.

Add value to yourself.

You might completely ignore many achievements that you have accomplished in your life, so when an interviewer asks you, what have you achieved so far, or what is your greatest accomplishment, you can answer simply by saying that I was once one of the top three students in my class, or you can say that my previous boss once told me “You are brilliant!”, soooo simple, yet we don’t take these things into consideration, My personal opinion, again, it is only my own personal opinion; company managers look for candidates who are socially welcoming, take own initiative, abide by the rules and respect themselves and others, THATS IT! Even if the position which you are applying for requires years of experience, in today’s technology you can Google almost “how to do” anything! All you have to do in the interview is to show positive belief in yourself that you can achieve and do what they require from you.

I can not emphasize how important it is that you believe in yourself, look at yourself, I am sure that you have countless achievements which you are not aware of, find them so that they can help you increase your own faith in yourself.

Please see that this post is dedicated to those who had to go through the same hardships that I went through with the lack of understanding of my own value, this post is intended to open your eyes to your true potential, and remove the dirty veil of mediocrity off from your eyes. If you are looking for tips on how to show up to an interview, things like wear a clean shirt, arrive 15 minutes early and all that crap, you will not find these tips here sorry.

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Why should I study Business?

Every person who is trying to make money, has to know the fundamentals of business.

Are you thinking of studying Business? And you are wondering whether it is the right path?

First you have to know that your studies must be aligned with your goals, I can not emphasize how important this is. So let us say that your dream is to be an engineer, therefore you study engineering. If your dream is to become a doctor, then you study Medicine. Don’t take up a course just for the sake of having a degree. But allow the degree to bring you closer to your dream.

So my first recommendation to you is this;

If you want to study a subject, first align it with your dream.

If you find your Element, that will save you a lot of hard work. There are many people who have completed their degree, started working, and have discovered that their current field is not where their heart lies.

Discovering what you are good at is essential because you will do what you are passionate about which in turn makes your success inevitable.

Studying a BS in Business will give you the opportunity to learn how a company operates, what are the necessary cogs in its wheels, you will learn the basics of Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance. You will basically learn how to run a company, organization or an institution.

My recommendation for you is that you approach your studies from a perspective of an Entrepreneur, and not from a perspective of an employee, you wanna know why? Read my post about Job vs Self Employment here.

Bear in mind that you do not necessarily need to study Business to be able to run your own company, my personal opinion is that it all comes down to how serious you are about achieving your goal; sometimes by having a business chat with an Entrepreneur – you will learn in an hour what a university will teach you in a week. So it all comes down to your efforts.

Keep in mind that the field of Business studies is very interesting because it teaches you the fundamentals of running an organization. Every person who is trying to make money, has to know the fundamentals of business, whether you are an engineer, a doctor, a writer, you can not possibly make money without knowing how money works, therefore no matter what your profession is, or no matter what studies you undertake, you will always go back to studying business. Therefore, Business students have the opportunity to be surrounded my subjects that are mainly about “how to make money” but unfortunately, as soon as a Business student graduates, s/he falls in to corporate slavery. My personal opinion is that being self-employed is better than having a job.

Overall if you want to study Business, I am not against your decision, because like I said, as a Business student; you will have the opportunity to learn a lot about the business world and how people out there are making money but always remember, no matter what you have studied, no matter what Masters or PHDs you have acquired, you have to have the ambition and the will to reach to your goals so like I said earlier, it all comes down to your efforts. Even without a degree you can kick start the next Facebook from your garage.

How to become rich instantly.

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