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The god of the Shamans is the same as the god of the Muslims.


same light

When population grows, establishment of a village is law of nature.That’s why I won’t say “it’s the destruction of nature” or this and that, however, no matter how much civilization develops to humans, it is impossible to understand everything about the world. Circulating with deeds of human beings how it will effect the world nobody knows what will happen in the end, that’s why, to humans on this earth, there’s no need of a clear path to live on.

What’s that? a clear path?

The mighty, the most powerful, and the ultimate spirit, commonly known as god, the great… King of spirits. There are many rumors about his shape and form but there are only few people who have met it in the past, and those people learned the will of the king of spirits and relayed the message to the world, and kept the harmony of the world, so there would be no people moving only by their desires and running towards a sure path of destruction.

Taken from the Japanese anime, Shaman King Ep 4

We pray that one day, all religions have tolerance and love for each other and live together in peace and harmony.

The path of god is the path of love.

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