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How to have a happy marriage. Women’s 10x payback ability explained.


I wanted to share something that I have come across, criticism is open, please feel free to share your thoughts.

Women’s 10x payback ability.

Women have an ability I want to call “The 10x payback ability”.

It is clearly obvious that man has more physical power due to his hormones and muscle mass. Therefore we conclude that men are physically stronger than women.

But! we are missing a very important attribute that women have and men don’t.

Women are created with massive emotional weight on their shoulders, giving birth to children is an obvious proof.

I couldn’t help but notice that women are concerned about love, relationships and the way they are being treated – more than men.

If you want your woman to treat you well, all you have to do is show her an act of love and kindness, and in turn she will pay you back 10 fold.

If you are having a bad relationship with your wife, it is all YOUR fault!

You have not been giving her that one act of kindness for her to repay you.

Now I am not saying that all women are the same, but I believe that my theory applies to the majority of women.

Try this out, go to your partner and do her an act of love or kindness, and watch how she behaves.

It is very simple!

Just like how men have an advantage regarding muscle mass and physical power, women have more emotional capacity, men forget good deeds quickly but women don’t.

Experiment with this truth, and I pray to all who are reading now to have a beautiful and prosperous love life.

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