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How to find the right partner? How to know if you should marry or not? How to know whether your partner is the “one” or not?

A good friend of mine once told me “Avoid making things too complicated when it comes to choosing the right partner, there are only three things that you need to put into consideration.

1) S/he must not be neither so good looking than you, nor so lesser good looking than you.

2) S/he must not be financially a lot more capable than you, nor financially a lot more weaker than you.

3) S/he must not be too smarter than you, nor too dumber than you.

If you want to know whether s/he is the one, ask yourself this;

Can you live without your partner?

If you answered yes, then that person is not the one.

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Why you should focus on honing your talents rather than studying something just for the sake of getting a job.

When you are talented at something, you do that specific thing excellently with minimal amount of effort, for e.g if you are good in mathematics, when you are compared to someone who is not, you will do better in an exam even if the non talented guy studies harder. ‘

Why focus on talent?

It is very hard to become successful at something if you have no likeness towards that field. It takes a lot of hard work. So why not save your life and your time, did you know that you become happy as well? Whats better? To see your work as fun or to see your work as work?

But talent does not put food on the table.

Who told you that? Are you that brainwashed?

It is your fault that you don’t know the means by which you can make money out of your talents, did you ever ask yourself or did you ever do a research on how you can monetize your talents?

Of course it takes time to hone your talents, you can’t become Picasso over night, but if you do work on your talents, it’s very fruitful later.

Imagine that you are walking down the street, and accidentally you hear a little girl telling her dad that he should read your book. That is what happened to Paulo Coelho when he was walking one day and he overheard a girl telling her dad that he should read The Alchemist. That is a great feeling. When Coelho was a kid, his parents wanted to make him do something other than writing, but he knew that he likes writing and he persisted in staying in that field.

Nowadays people are making money out of things that would sound silly 10 years ago for e.g, there are people who are making money by playing a game, record the game play, upload it to YouTube and then YouTube pays them.

Think wide my friend.

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Success defined. What makes a man successful. How to know whether you are successful or not.

Success is this:

A man’s success can be measured proportionately to how happy he is in life.

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How to have a good relationship/marriage, should you stay with your spouse or leave?

People’s hearts are in your hands.

Let me repeat that again, People’s hearts are in your hands. Even a tyrant can be made soft with the power of love.


Every achievement in life requires a minimal amount of effort. For instance, if you want to buy a new car, you have to go all the way to the showroom, do the effort of choosing your car, do your accounting, register the car, etc etc. you can not get anything without putting at least some effort.

“Shifting your paradigm” requires some effort. Change the way you look at your partner and you will start to see things that you haven’t seen before.

Your wife’s/husband’s heart is in your hands. It only takes a little effort from you to understand your partner, to cherish, to listen to, and to take good care of.

I know that in some relationships it is impossible, and no matter how much effort you put, they don’t change. Of course the love should be both sided, but don’t give up on your partner easily. You might be having a bad time and you are ignoring the good things about him/her.

Try this experiment so that you can understand what “People’s hearts are in your hands” means. Go to someone whom you really dislike, do to him/her and act of sincere kindness, you will notice that his/her attitude towards you will change completely. That is the golden rule, to treat people like you want to be treated and in return they will treat you back in the same manner.

All the best.

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