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How to fall asleep in less than 10 minutes. Having trouble sleeping? How to fall asleep fast.

One of the things that used to deprive me of sleeping whenever I wanted to was my habit of excessive thinking. The truth is that the majority of people can not sleep as soon they close their eyes because they think too much. Correct?

When I read The Power Of Now by Eckhart TolleI came to the realization of the fundamental truth which he talks about, he says that if we stop for a second and analyze our thoughts, we will realize that the majority of the thoughts in our heads are useless, unproductive and completely silly. They are thoughts which in reality do not concern us at all. It is not what YOU want to think. Stop once in a while and observe your thoughts, ask yourself, does this really matter to me? It does not. As your mind becomes trained to think whenever YOU want it to think, you will find that your life transforms, you become more healthy, your relationships are better, your goals are easily met, you are less likely to lose your temper, you can sleep at will, and countless other benefits.

So when its sleeping time just let go. Try to relax your body from any tension and turn your mind blank. Realize that now its sleeping time and nothing else.

The whole point:

Sleeping at will is a matter of mind-set.

Hope this was helpful.

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What is the best religion in the world?

The best religion is this:

Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t do to yourself.

That’s the best religion, as simple as that.

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Why video piracy is NOT a crime, why film companies should stop removing their movies from streaming websites.


It is true that for every copied CD there is a loss for the film company, (That is what everyone believes) but if you have a little background in Economics and Marketing, you will find that pirated films are actually beneficial to the film companies.

But how is that?

You see the main method by which a movie becomes famous is by word of mouth, isn’t it? The majority of people watch a certain movie because some other guy has told him/her that the movie was nice. If people are restricted by expensive original DVDs, then the viewers will be minimum, but if the movies are cheap and affordable/available/within the reach of many people, then the size of the market/viewers will be greater. (Film industry becomes larger)

Here the more people who watch movies the more spreading of word of mouth – the larger the audience/customer base, which inevitably leads to a larger number of people who will buy original DVDs (due to the popularity of watching movies and due to the huge size of the industry’s audience)

What is better? Having 100 people buying pirated discs and 10 people buying original discs OR 1000 people buying pirated discs and 100 people buying original discs? You see the point?

My message to film companies:

You might think that you are doing the right thing by stopping people from copying your material but in reality you are loosing money! So stop worrying too much and put all your movies on youtube so I can watch them for free god damn it! 😀

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