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How to be a good presenter? What makes a good teacher? What makes a class interesting?


It is undeniable that the majority of the classes that we attend to, tend to be boring.

So what makes a class interesting to attend to?

The most challenging issue in teaching is when the teacher talks and talks and talks until the time is up, the teacher must make sure that s/he allows participation and allows the students to have their say in the lessons. It is human’s nature that they feel important when they give their opinion and inturn you approve of it. Be agreeable, even when the student gives a wrong answer to your question, reply positively and encourage more participation.

Keep the class as active as possible. “People forget what you say, but they remember how you made them feel”. ~ Maya Angelou. So try to make the students feel good about themselves as much as you can.

Keep eye contact directed to all of the students.

Tell stories.

Stories attract attention, who doesn’t like a good old story that teaches us lessons that can not be explained directly.

Create activities, always allow the students to interact with each other, even if you have to provide them with silly activities, it will still make them feel good, and more attentive to you, because you made them feel good attending to your class. After building interest in your group, you will be shocked to see how much effort they put by themselves to attend and listen to you!

Don’t be too serious with your course material, your true priority should be to have a group of interested students. What’s the point of covering the material if the students didn’t learn anything?

Love your students as much as you can. Personally I wouldn’t forget a teacher who once made me feel good.

Talking about presentations.

If you are not a teacher but you just want to present something to a group, by best advice to you is to prepare and rehearse your presentation, try to present to your family or friends and take note of their opinions.

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