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Benefits of meditation, 10 reasons why you should meditate and enjoy a stress-free life.


Meditation helps you control your thoughts and silences those chaotic multiple voices in your head, which their sources are unknown. Napoleon Hill says: Thought control is the highest form of self control. If you have dreams and you want to achieve them, you better have thought control or you’ll end up finding yourself on an emotional roller coaster. Uncertainty is one of our greatest enemies, meditation kills it.

Meditation helps slow your heart rate, if combined with deep breathing, your body will relax, escape the tensions of our high-demanding-info-chaotic world, and rebalance/harmonize your cells.

Meditation helps in eliminating stress, a relaxed mind is always stess free.

Meditation helps you listen to your deepest concerns, and filters out those thoughts which bombard you but in reality they don’t concern you, in other words you know the difference between what really matters to you and what doesn’t.

Meditation helps you get closer to your inner voice, the voice of wisdom, the all knowing, infinite intelligence, god.

Meditation makes you trust your heart, and strengthens your instincts.

Meditation gives your life a purpose, gratitude and love for oneself.

Meditation helps you identify your ego.

If you have love in your heart sometimes you will find that you were born only to meditate and to do nothing else.

In the end, it depends on what you have in your heart when you meditate, if you want to achieve something specific, try meditating and imagining those things that you want. Einstein says: Your imagination is your preview of your life’s coming attractions.

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