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Why working is important? Why work?

No famous person receives his fame for just sitting his ass all day.

Every man on earth has gone through a significant amount of labor to achieve his dream.

The ego in the human makes him think that he is the best of god’s creation, as a matter of fact, he isn’t!

The bird sleeps as soon as the sun sets and wakes up before sunrise. Now that is a disciplined creature! That is a creature who appreciates his communion with god. That is a creature who is living life to the fullest. Notice how he sings 🙂

No matter how much wealth you possess, if being idle is the only activity you have, sooner or later your soul will fall apart, you might be depressed and be staring at the ceiling all day.

Work; makes you have a different view of reality.

Work; makes you realize that life is not as easy as you think, it provides you with the means to appreciate the blessings that god has bestowed upon you.

Work; improves your social skills, financial skills, enhances your behavior and maturity.

If you have a good source of inspiration, your work can unfold talents that you were never aware of. In a different sense, work helps you understand who you truly are.

When I say work, I do not necessarily mean that you do the type of work which requires muscle mass and hard labor, keep in mind that the majority of the most successful people are doing the kind of work which they enjoy doing. There is a reason why they are inspired and motivated to go deep into the rabbit hole to complete their work. The question is “why?” Why should I do that kind of work.

Know that god has given you a unique talent, and he needs you to use that talent for him and for his children (us). So do not think not for a second that your existence here on earth is meaningless, remember that if you can answer this question; “Why should I do that kind of work?” then your journey will begin.

The Wright brothers did not invent the airplane  just so that they could make money and become rich and famous, they rather believed that their invention will change humanity for the better.

Edison (or Tesla) believed that the light bulb will change the lives of all humans, that is why they had the power to persist with their work and continue experimenting – no stopping – no matter what.

It is our time now to find what it is that we need to do that will make planet Earth a better place to live in.

In the movie I AM, the Dalai Lama was asked what is the best meditation a human can develop, he answered without a blink of an eye and he said; “Critical analysis followed by action” Understand what is happening around you in the world and figure out where your talents fit in.

Know that there are people out there who – with the help of your talents – can live a better life. There are people out there who need you.

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