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How to change a habit quickly and easily. How to eliminate a habit.


Habit is what shapes our lives, a person is a millionaire or a homeless beggar, because of habit.

Habit is what differentiates successful people from unsuccessful people. Observe the people around you and you will discover the soundness of this fact.

Your environment feeds you with habits and it reinforces your habits. It is one of the reasons parents are so afraid to let their children befriend “bad kids”.

If you have a goal in life and you are aiming to achieve greatness, then you must accompany yourself with people who possess the habits of that person who you want to be.

It takes 21 to 40 days to change a habit (smoking for e.g) all you need is decision.

Ones you decide to get rid of a habit everything will come smoothly.

But if it was that simple everybody would be successful isn’t it? the secret lies in the differentiation between a wish and a decision.

If you are overweight you will look into the mirror, and whisper quietly in your own mind, “I need to lose that fat” but once you turn away from the mirror you whisper in your own mind again – more silently – sometimes without your awareness – and you say “well its fine anyway I’m still alive”. This occurs due to your lack of understanding between a decision and a wish.

Have you heard the song airplanes by B.O.B? If you focus with the song you will find a very noteworthy lesson.

“Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars”

You can sit in an open area and stare into the sky, and whenever you spot an airplane, think of the airplane as a shooting star and make a wish. There are many airplanes out there right? so whatever wish you have will come true! now we all know that’s not gonna happen. But if you DO take a decision and stand firmly by that decision, MIRACLES WILL HAPPEN, similar to a person who sees an airplane 200 years ago – will think that an airplane is a miracle, well guess what? it IS a miracle! even the light bulb is a miracle, these miracles could have never happened unless if it was backed with a firm decision and a burning desire to attain it. These inventors understood – one basic law which the  majority of people neglect to understand, it is the ability to know oneself and to stop for a second and ask oneself, the thing that I want – is it merely a wish or a decision?

If you want to become wealthy, is it a wish or a decision? if you want to lose weight, is it a wish or a decision? if you want to become successful, is it a wish or a decision?

We wish for thousands of things everyday, we become overwhelmed with our wishes that we fail to differentiate between those that matter and those that don’t.

Once you have taken the decision, you have set the path, the objective will be achieved as long as you hold your decision firmly.

Some practical tips to get rid of a habit:

Sit in a quiet and relaxing position, imagine yourself vividly, that you are becoming what you want to become, and see yourself, visualize, and imagine doing the things that you want to do. Try to use all five senses while imagining.

The nervous system does not know the difference between fact or fiction, it’s all in your head. when you go to the movie theater and watch a horror scene, although you know what you are seeing is not real, you still panic. The movie directors are playing a trick on your nervous system and are making money out of it, similarly you can play a decent trick on your nervous system and make it believe what you want it to believe.


By the use of imagination. Go to google, and do a little research on “imagination” and you will come to realize that the secret behind all the powerful and successful people in the world lies in their ability to utilize their imagination.

Imagination should also be a part of our lives – a habit.

We have forgotten that all the answers to our problems lie in our own heads, take smoking for instance, there is a product out there that helps you to quit smoking and you know whats the funny part? it’s a patch! a goddam** patch!! apparently its a sticky thing that can be applied on the skin and it sucks the nicotine out of your body! unbelievable! people actually fall for it! they are becoming lazier and lazier everyday, and the owners of these consumer products are aware of this fact, and the other thing that they are aware of, is that the problem lies in our heads, what this patch actually does it gives you a motive, something to make you trick your own nervous system into believing that this patch actually works, but in reality it is YOU WHO  IS MAKING IT WORK.

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