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Rich vs Poor. What is the difference? Which side are you on?


The rich man asks: “How can I get it?” The poor man affirms: “I can not get it”.

The rich have a major purpose in life, the poor have no purpose in life.

The rich do their own thinking, the poor have people to do their thinking for them.

The rich give something of value to people and society, the poor give nothing and blame others for their poverty.

The rich work, the poor sit and wait for the delusional “break” or “luck”.

The rich educate themselves on how to acquire riches, the poor get a “job” and think that’s the only way to acquire money.

The rich own and respect their own and other people’s time, the poor have other people controlling their time.

The rich use their finances intelligently, the poor say “money comes and goes” and waste it instead of thinking how to double it.

The rich believe that by being rich, they can help themselves live to the fullest and help people as well, the poor believe that to think about money is bad and selfish.

The rich are proactive, the poor are reactive.

The rich believe that to be rich is to work smart, the poor believe that to be rich is to work hard.

The rich have financial literacy, the poor are financially illiterate.

The rich have spent significant amount of time searching for the kind of  work that they enjoy doing – while making money out of it, the poor spend the majority of their life being corporate slaves, showing up at those “jobs” which they hate most, believing that this is the only way to make money.

The rich believe in passive income, the poor believe in active income.

The rich believe in the power of personal potential, the poor believe that the rich are lucky.

NOTE: The above are not mentioned to discriminate or generalize, they are only mentioned to give you an idea about the mindset of these two groups and to help you in your financial journey. These secrets are summarized from books. Some of these books are Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.

You can also replace the word “rich” with “successful” and “poor” with “failures”, (in some sentences) the meaning does not change, give it a try!

If you want to know whether you are able to switch from the poor side to the rich side click here.

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