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Rich vs Poor. What is the difference? Which side are you on?

The rich man asks: “How can I get it?” The poor man affirms: “I can not get it”.

The rich have a major purpose in life, the poor have no purpose in life.

The rich do their own thinking, the poor have people to do their thinking for them.

The rich give something of value to people and society, the poor give nothing and blame others for their poverty.

The rich work, the poor sit and wait for the delusional “break” or “luck”.

The rich educate themselves on how to acquire riches, the poor get a “job” and think that’s the only way to acquire money.

The rich own and respect their own and other people’s time, the poor have other people controlling their time.

The rich use their finances intelligently, the poor say “money comes and goes” and waste it instead of thinking how to double it.

The rich believe that by being rich, they can help themselves live to the fullest and help people as well, the poor believe that to think about money is bad and selfish.

The rich are proactive, the poor are reactive.

The rich believe that to be rich is to work smart, the poor believe that to be rich is to work hard.

The rich have financial literacy, the poor are financially illiterate.

The rich have spent significant amount of time searching for the kind of  work that they enjoy doing – while making money out of it, the poor spend the majority of their life being corporate slaves, showing up at those “jobs” which they hate most, believing that this is the only way to make money.

The rich believe in passive income, the poor believe in active income.

The rich believe in the power of personal potential, the poor believe that the rich are lucky.

NOTE: The above are not mentioned to discriminate or generalize, they are only mentioned to give you an idea about the mindset of these two groups and to help you in your financial journey. These secrets are summarized from books. Some of these books are Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.

You can also replace the word “rich” with “successful” and “poor” with “failures”, (in some sentences) the meaning does not change, give it a try!

If you want to know whether you are able to switch from the poor side to the rich side click here.

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How to become rich instantly, become rich now and achieve your heart’s desires.

What is it that is stopping me from becoming rich?

Its your mindset.

What do you mean by my mindset?

You aren’t rich because you think that you can not become rich.

That’s too simple to say.

Exactly! that’s why you are stuck in poverty.

What do you mean?

You see it’s so simple; that if you change your mindset – riches will be revealed to you. Henry Ford once said: If you think that you can do something you are right and if you think that you can not do something, you are also right!

Interesting, but this contradicts my belief system

Who told you that your belief system is right?

let me clear some false beliefs that are in your head.

1) If you think that the rich people are only those who have inherited their wealth, think again, Henry Ford started with nothing, Napoleon Hill used to be a labor in a coal mine, Oprah Winfrey (richest black woman alive) started from zero. So just clear the idea that only the rich can stay rich.

2) If you think that rich people are those who got lucky, also think again, now we do not want to go deep into the geometry of chance but think of it this way: life is like Algebra, how much you give is how much you get. In order to change one side of the equation you have to change the other side as well. There is no such thing as something for nothing. Ask yourself, how can I give something of value? it is when you give – you receive. In physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Your habits, the way you treat yourself and others around you. A little smile that you give which makes others smile is a little contribution, so use your head my dear and ask your self how can I contribute something of value to others?

3) If you think that rich people are those who have acquired highest levels of education, I don’t know how many times am I going to say; THINK AGAIN, but here, I’ll say it again; THINK AGAIN. Henry Ford had very little schooling, if he was alive now he would have been the richest man alive! do you see how many cars are out there on the road, or let me say; in the world! it all started with his idea of manufacturing assembly lines. Did you know that Bill Gates was a college dropout? You don’t need to look far just look for successful people whom you personally know and ask them about their level of education, you will be surprised to find that not all of them had proper schooling.

So are you saying that education is not important?

God Forbid!!! Education is most important!

Then why are you saying that I don’t necessarily have to go to college?

My dear, it is the education that you acquire in your mind, not the education that you acquire on paper! that’s my point. There are tons of books out there in your local library or book store which you can use to study at home. There are millions of articles and free e-books on the internet that can help you acquire the knowledge that you need.

4) If you think that the rich people are those with some kind of special ability, think again. They don’t have extra brains, no extra ears, no extra eyes, no extra mouths and certainly no extra time. We all have an extremely powerful tool, that is our minds! and our most common denominator is our time. If someone steals one dollar from you, you can get one dollar and hundreds of dollars back but if someone steals one hour from you, you can never bring that hour back. Consider your time as your most valuable resource.

I didn’t know that time is that important.

How do you spend your time? do you do something productive or are you just drifting with the current of the norm or what other people tell you to do. Here is a beautiful quote that I would like to share with you, I copied it from a book called The One Minute Manager by Kenneth H. Blanchard; “If you don’t blow your own horn, someone else will use it as a spittoon. ”  therefore use your time as YOU would like to use it.

You make it sound very simple, if it was that easy, then how come the majority of people out there are poor? 

That’s because they are happy the way they are 🙂

WHAT? The poor are happy the way they are? 



Open your eyes, look around you, you think that if the majority of people were not so happy and satisfied, would they act normal? now if you REEEEEEEEALLY wanted something would you be normal and not talk about it? or do something about it?

I’m not sure that I understand

For example; if you saw a car and you wanted it sooooo bad, you think about that car day and night, you want it so bad that you constantly dream about it, you keep looking it up on the internet or you keep going to the showroom just to see that car. Imagine that you sit outside the showroom at 4 am waiting for the place to open JUST to see the car. Can you imagine how intense your desire is while you’re sitting out there in the cold weather waiting for the staff to arrive to work and open the showroom?

Now that is a person with an intense desire to have something. So tell me, do you think that a person with such intense desire would sit and do nothing about it? He’ll definitely go out there and find a way to put his hands on that car.

What does that have to do with the poor people being happy and satisfied as they are?

That’s because they are not intensifying their desire of becoming rich, they do not have the willpower to say NO! to the things that will prevent them from achieving financial freedom.


You see, if the poor guy REEEAAALLLYY wanted to achieve financial abundance; he would definitely go out there and do something about it. He would read books on the subject, he would ASK those who are rich – the secrets of their wealth, HE WOULD NEVER GIVE UP, and he would be on a constant look out for answers to his questions.

But why would anybody not want to become rich?

Excellent question.

There are many reasons:

* He/She might think that they CAN NOT become wealthy (which is the whole point of my dialogue with you, YOU CAN!)

* He/She is extremely conditioned to think that he/she is not worthy of becoming rich.

* He/She is accustomed to think that money is an evil thing. (which is absolutely false, you can not help another soul if you lacked a minimum amount of wealth)

* He/She does not weigh the benefits of having financial abundance.

* (refer to the first four points in the beginning of the dialogue for more reasons)

Not all people out there find that financial freedom is the answer to their problems.

You are here because you are looking for an answer. Not all people want to know how to achieve financial freedom. Some of them might stop, look at their lives, feel bad about it and say to themselves ” hmmmppphhh, well I can’t do anything about it anyways” and that’s it! dismiss it! Do they ask themselves HOW can they achieve financial freedom? HOW can they get out of this mess? You asked yourself and you might have had a small idea in your head that told you “maybe it is possible? …. hmmmmm let me look for some answers”. That’s why you are here.

But why hasn’t anybody told me this before? that most of my beliefs are false?

Are you sure that you want to hear the cold truth?

That’s why I’m here, to know the truth.

The truth is my dear, all the people you know are poor.

WHAT?? No they are not! I have a lot of friends with fancy cars and big houses and lots of toys!

Don’t be fooled my dear! they all are poor!

You can’t be serious!

I’ll ask you a simple question. Imagine that you have a monthly income of 100,000$/month, are you rich?

Of course!

But what if your expenses are 99,000$/month, are you still rich? You have those fancy cars, fancy houses and all those toys. Are you still rich? If that income is cut off (say that you are working as a CEO) you will be flat broke again, you will have to sell all your belongings in order to put food on the table, and since you are used to the exhausting-money-spending habits, you will be broke sooner than you expected.

I never noticed that!

Well now you do.

Why are you pointing out this fact?

That’s because I want you to watch out for your environment. It is very essential in your financial success, if you want to know how the rich think and how the rich operate, you have to distinguish from those who are truly rich  (have passive income) and those who “look” rich. (spend all of their monthly income and have nothing left for them at the end of the month, waiting desperately for their next paycheck to be issued)

Why would I need to know the difference?

So you don’t fall into the trap in which the majority of people – who live in poverty, have fallen into. The trap of false belief and bad advice. The sad news is that everyday you are getting financial advice from people who are – in reality – poor. Once you know how to distinguish the truly rich from the fake rich you can know whom to get advice from, or who to hang out with and learn from.

But what does that have to do with what you said about the majority of people who I know being poor?

Check this out:

Have you heard about the 80 20 rule?


You are a human with a free will my friend, you can sit your a** all day doing non productive things and justifying yourself and how its someone else’s fault that you are poor, or move your a** and do something about it.

P.s You may have been wondering: but there is no practical way mentioned here that can make me rich instantly. Well, my response to you is that, if you took what has been written here to your heart, your mind is now rich! Thats what matters, no matter what ideas or practical methods I provide to you, it will not be applicable to you because you have to discover your call, it is you who creates the optimal path to your dreams. Here I am trying to enrich your mind with optimism and faith, that you are able to achieve financial liberty. If you are looking for business ideas then you can simply google; top business ideas. 🙂 It is that shift in your mindset that matters the most here.

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