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How to appear as a credible, respectable, sincere, caring and good person and how not to appear as a bad, insincere, ruthless and ill-mannered person.

Please know that, if whatever it is that you want to achieve; you must have an honest and sincere desire to get whatever it is that you want to get.

Watch your hands rather than “Watch Your Mouth”

Have you ever asked yourself – why is it that people too often get me wrong? Why did he/she frown at me? Why did he/she make fun of  me just now?

Human communication experts claim that communication between individuals are mainly via body language, rather than spoken words.

Speaking about on the spot situations, I believe that 60 to 70 % of the time you might convey false messages to people because of your body gestures or tone of voice. Did you rub your nose a lot while communicating? did you have your arms tightly crossed around your chest, having your fists clenched while talking? watch out for these body gestures because your body reveals what your mind is truly thinking, just shutting up isn’t enough.

The secret in showing the right body gestures is in your inner sincerity & self-image. You need to ponder on this thought for a while. Stop for a second, think and meditate on this thought.

I recommend that you read articles about body language. Here is a good book that you can use as a start – it introduces you to the fundamentals of body language communication. The definitive book of Body Language by Alan & Barbara Pease.

Decide once and for all “I am good and no one can discourage me”.

Once you decide that you are a good, sincere and caring person, do not be discouraged if something happens that may prove the opposite.

You might be noticing the little wrong things that you are doing but you should not forget that you might not be noticing the major good things that you are doing.

Keep your eyes open for feedback but not all feedback.

As the saying goes: “Feedback is the breakfast of champions” feedback is very important in our lives and in the monitoring of our progress. A heat seeker rocket can not hit its target if there is no feedback mechanism that is informing the rocket about its direction.  A child will never put his hands into flaming fires if he has been burned previously. You can not know how well you did in the exam unless if it is graded.

Sadly many of men use false feedback from insincere friends or family to measure their progress.

So be sure that the feedback you are getting, is from a person of sincerity and trust. Not just a person who lacks self-discipline and would not mind seeing you down.

Have an attitude of humility

Don’t try to look glorified and dignified all the time. Have an attitude of humility. Whenever you make a mistake or unintentionally make a wrong move, know that the mistake was course correction. Apologize if you have to and move on.

“Our mistakes are course corrections”

Change your self-image

Once you see yourself as a good, caring and a sincere person the rest will come inevitably.

Change yourself for yourself and not for someone else.

Please know that I am not saying that the above can be achieved in an instant, like I said, if you have an honest and sincere desire to achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve, god will always be on your side.

Talk to you soon

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