All men are good.

All men are good, evil deeds are performed unwillingly, it makes absolute sense to blame an external entity and call it “the devil”.

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Thought Rec #13

Spreading false information based on your illiterate and incompetent understanding of how the world works, is as dangerous as picking up a weapon and killing an innocent being.

Thought Rec #12

If your claims are not backed by statistical evidence, you should not bother yourself and waste people’s time.

Thought rec #11

The biggest problem in the modern world is that there are some people who think that they are experts in a subject matter, and they advocate, and try to spread awareness, while in reality their knowledge on that matter is mediocre. This does more harm than good.

Thought rec #10

Set your goal and work towards achieving it. As you go; visualize all the things that you need to do in order to achieve your goal. REMEMBER THAT THOSE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND THE “CAN’T DO BECAUSE” is all bunch of bullsh** in your head, and in order to eliminate those negative thoughts you need to reason with your head as to why those negative thoughts aren’t true. 99.9% of the time those negative thoughts indeed aren’t true. The more you reason with yourself as to why those negative “can’t do because” thoughts are not true, the more you stop having those negative thoughts and then you see yourself naturally getting closer and closer to your goal.

That’s why they say success is an attitude.

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What makes a winner? Is it luck?

So we received an email from one of our colleagues at the Bapco Toast Masters Club, asking us to share our thoughts to the question; what makes a winner? Is it luck?

I got fired up for some reason and I thought of contributing to this question since I’m a student of self development. I thought of sharing this with you too since I haven’t written anything in a long time so I hope you enjoy and benefit as well.

Below was my reply.


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Does being healthy really matter? 

This is not a post about telling you to exercise and become vegetarian or you will be doomed to an early death, and this article is definitely not about making you feel bad for your unhealthy habits, but rather, I want to share with you something fundamental that I have come across, that might help you live a better, successful life. Here’s a very simple yet powerful analogy of what goes on in your body.

Why be healthy?

Imagine that your body consists of a population of tiny living beings, societies that work, produce, consume and live. Imagine that these little people that are living in your body, their environment, resources, production, all depend on how much YOU give them. Imagine you being the God of your body, or a governor.

Now, when you eat healthy, exercise and take care of your body, these little people have the resources they need, their weather is good, they have money, they are happy, they work, produce, live happily ever after, and are super productive pumping positivity in your brain and giving you the strength to go after your goals and stay focused.

When you are not healthy on the other hand, your little people are angry at you, because you are feeding them with bad resources, they need to work extra to get rid of the shit that you feed them, their weather becomes bad with storms and tornadoes, they are not happy, not productive, some of them are homeless, some of them get too pissed off at you that they start protesting against you and giving you cancer.

Your body is exactly similar to this analogy, you have little people in you that are depending on the things that you provide them.

If you want to be successful, productive, focused, emotionally stable, you have better chances if the little people inside of your body are happy, if you piss them off they will return the favour to you.

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Does god exist? A conversation with a dear friend.

This is a conversation I had with a dear friend of mine, where we indulged deep into the basic questions of faith and creation, after we were done chatting, I came to realize that we have covered some very fundamental questions and I personally felt enlightened, and then I thought, hey maybe if someone else read this too they will benefit and feel the same amazing serene feeling that I felt, so I hope it benefits you.

The writing in normal font are my friend’s questions, the Bold writings are my answers. Enjoy.


How do we know? Whether the soul exists?

Did you happen to see signs in your life that prove God’s existence and that He is there for you?

Or are we a combination of atoms and chemical reactions bounded to our bodies?

Belief gives a sense of relief, but how can a person not be certain and just believe?

I’m becoming an agnostic

You see this is the problem.


Very sensitive and gullible

If everything goes according to our wants and needs

We say that God “is on our side” so definitely He exists and He is out there watching

Once our circumstances do not go as we wish

We say what the hell “why would god allow such a thing to happen”


Neither you, nor me, nor people after 1000 years can define precisely what God is

They can only describe experiences that happen to them from time to time

And most of those experiences will make sense only to them

Once they try to share those experiences with others… the meaning fades… and the individual himself starts doubting what he saw

I agree but I’m not going through problems to be agnostic, actually I’m trying to find out about God


Death might be a way to convince people there is an afterlife so that people won’t really worry about death

And that we have a soul

Think about it this way

Imagine that we are in a computer simulation


Imagine that you are a character in a game

Now you as a player, you might finish the game in 3 hours

Which is not a long time


To the character

Those 3 hours are equivalent to 80 years

In his eyes, in his perception


There are many players playing that same character right?


So the same character goes through the same story

But in a different way

This analogy can be related to our lives

Our same lives are happening elsewhere

We call it

Parallel Universes

What’s that parallel universes?

I exist somewhere else

But instead of choosing to drink coffee today

I chose to drink tea

And my life heads in a different direction

Imagine how many lives we have

And in how many other places we exist

This vast infinite number of possibilities

This huge universe

Our minds can in no way comprehend how our creator looks like

When you are in your garden

Do you see how an ant crawls up your body?

Does the ant have any idea that he can die instantly by a flick from your finger?

If the ant KNEW you

It would in no way dare to come near you

Because naturally creatures have survival instincts

The fact that the ant crawled up your jeans is a proof that it is not aware that you can kill it in an instant


We climb on God’s jeans everyday

And He chooses whether to put us down gently

Or to crush us with a flick of a finger

The question is

Listen listen 

I’ll make your life more complicated 🙂

Ok so that’s your elaboration about the existence of Allah

The question is…

Are there multiple gods? (Given the analogy of ants and humans)

Imagine that our Gods

Have Gods

Who have Gods

Who have Gods

And Imagine that our Gods don’t know who created them

So the same question lives

What’s your point here

My point here is about the vastness

The greatness

The infinity

Yeah, well I reached to some sort of understanding that life seems to be infinite but not us

You trying to answer the question of God is equivalent to trying to put alllllllllll of history’s discoveries and all of future discoveries down into one single word

It’s not possible

You can find a glitch in the matrix

But still you can’t define what caused the glitch


You don’t need to worry yourself about philosophical questions and how we were created

All you need from this life is to find your purpose

A flower’s sole purpose is to blossom

It is the purpose

That makes you see His face

When your tears fall down because you know that there is somethings that you need to do

You cry and say “I must do that before I die

How can a life that is easy for others is hard for us seem to be the purpose? The belief in the soul after death keeps or makes a person more stable, more invincible and more content


That is why when you find your purpose, you leave this place with a smile

Knowing that you have accomplished your mission

Therefore you will definitely be kept in a better place after death

Imagine the Gods saying… Ohhh you know who did a good job? This guy… Lets promote him

.How do we know?

How do you know that you are hungry?

And you need to put a sandwich in your mouth

You just know it

When you find your purpose

Things happen in your life

Automatically you know what you should do next

Yes, but soul and afterlife been given by religion not by intuition same as food and food is something experienced death is not.

I experience death maybe twice a day

I see death


I live it

I used to get so scared of death

The game over

The thought of Me ending

Death is inevitable

But when you have a purpose

You get so excited about death

You can’t wait to see the reward of achieving your purpose

How is purpose suiting you to be the reason behind your excitement of death and it’s reward. Does the purpose disclose to you the secret of your reward after death?

Think of it this way

You come to me and tell me that you have a secret prize for me.. it is worth 1 billion Dinars… BUT I don’t know whether it’s cash or a land or an island or a super private jet

All I know that it is worth 1 billion dinars

So basically I know that it is worth a lot!

But I don’t know what is it exactly

It could be nothing, i.e we lose our senses and consciousness and we vanquish. We won’t know then if we ever existed as well. Like they say, life is a dream and we are the imaginations of ourselves

You see this is the awesome part

Look around you

Give me the name of ONE object near you that “vanquishes”


Give me a name

Of an object

That you see

A table

How does a table vanquish


Gets old, loses stability, recycled maybe, burnt maybe


So the table burns

Looses its shape

Part of it transforms to ash

Part of it transforms to gas

Notice the word TRANSFORM

It doesn’t vanquish

It transforms

Yes, and we will transform to dust?

Don’t think of it this way

We are focusing here on our consciousness

What happens to our consciousness

What if consciousness is it? And soul is a metaphor to it?

Didn’t get you

Soul is a metaphor for the consciousness in your head and when you die it shuts down. Just like a computer. I’m just guessing

When a computer shuts down

The data is still in the Hard Drives

The data doesn’t vanquish

And guess what

Even when you DELETE data from the Hard Drive… you can still recover it with special programs


Nothing vanquishes in this life or in this universe

First Law of Thermodynamics

Matter cannot be created nor destroyed

It simply changes form


Now you kind of got me to open up my head

Changed form… in the sense of?

It changes from one thing to another

It doesn’t disappear

Or vanquish

So when we die

Our consciousness doesn’t just disappear or vanish

It goes somewhere else or it changes to something else

What does it change to exactly?

That is the limit of our minds

Like what? Goes to another human being?


Maybe it reunites with God

When you pray do you feel something or is it because you make believe that you feel something or maybe because you’ve been taught something?

Maybe this limited consciousness we have is a part of the infinite consciousness we call God

Yes, agreed

I pray because maybe the God who’s jeans I’m crawling upon… can only understand me by my خشوع (reverence)

Maybe he doesn’t get my worldly desires and requests

My feeble human tongue

But he understands my خشوع (reverence)

So maybe I can get his favor by prayer

Just maybe

And that small MAYBE is enough reason for me to pray

Wow man. You kept all theist scholars in your pocket with these words

You made me speechless

I sat with a shaikh btw, this shaikh made me live a fairy tale and 1 hour after, I felt like I was deceived


I am still in doubt if we have a soul though in a way, because maybe we are just like cars

Do you think you need to elaborate more or shall I scroll up to your elaboration?

Well bro I don’t know why are you stuck with the matter of the soul and how it can be integrated with the body… my body is the soul and my consciousness is the soul and my thoughts are my soul this universe springs from the soul

I remember once a Sufi Master sat and explained to me about the soul

He said

Go ahead

Look at your jacket

I love Sufis


Can your jacket move without you moving?

The jacket is alive

It’s moving

Because you are wearing it

Similarly your body is being moved by your soul

Like a car

Your soul is driving your body

What about the joints, the blood the lungs the whole function that keeps your body active?

Like you said

Those are the parts of the engine

And the driver is your soul

The matter of the soul bro is a complex argument… the confusion begins when we try to think of it as a small part of our individual bodies

The way I see it

Everything springs from the soul

The soul is in the air too

When the Quran said Allahu noor al samawat wal ardh

Scientists have recently confirmed the existence of the Higgs field, and the god particle – The Higgs Bozon

The soul is everywhere

God is everywhere.

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Thought rec #9

When we see skyscrapers we get a feeling of progress and greatness. We see how tall and huge those buildings are. In reality, there is nothing to be proud about. Its like a cancer cell being proud of successfully taking over its host. To me, those skyscrapers are nothing but a wound on the surface of mother earth.

Thought rec #8

The day where we all sacrificed for strangers, is the day that humanity triumphed.